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The RIDGE (NE and MSE)

Another sample curriculum along with other suggested milestones for a student seeking a PhD in Nuclear Engineering is given below.  In this sample, a student may earn either a MS degree in Nuclear Engineering or Materials Science Engineering along the way to the Nuclear Engineering PhD while also receiving a certificate in Nuclear Security Science and Analysis.  Recommended courses are described in more detail in the catalog.  Requirements for the Nuclear Engineering PhD are found here.  Requirements for the Nuclear Engineering MS degree are here.  Requirements for the Materials Science Engineering MS are here.

1st semester (Fall)  PhD student seeking concurrent MS
NE MSE Num. of classes MSE classes
551 Radiological Protection (433 required?) MSE 511 Fundamentals of MSE I  3  1
571 Reactor theory/design or 470  MSE 503 Graduate seminar in MSE (1 credit)
 2nd semester (Spring)   PhD student seeking concurrent MS
 550 Radiation Measurements  MSE 576 Scintillation materials   3  1
 532 Advanced topics in Nuclear Sec. Sci. and Analysis  MSE 503 Graduate seminar in MSE (1 credit)
598 Practice (if MS in NE desired)
1st Summer  PhD student seeking concurrent MS
6 credits required Take prelim in May (Nuclear instrumentation)
3rd semester (Fall)   PhD student seeking concurrent MS
530 Nuclear Security Science and Analysis 512 Fundamentals of MSE II  4  2
579 Radioisotope production  503 Graduate seminar in MSE (1 credit)
600 Research Defend MS in NE (project option) if not planning on MS in MSE
 4th semester (Spring)   PhD Student
544 Ion beam analysis of materials 513 Fundamentals of MSE III  3  2
600 Research  514 Fundamentals of MSE IV
Apply for NSSA certificate
Prepare 1st journal paper Defend PhD proposal this semester
2nd Summer  PhD Candidate
 600 Research  Submit 1st journal paper
 5th semester (Fall)  PhD Candidate
600 Research  580 Tech. Review and Assessment  1  1
 Defend MS in MSE (project option) if not planning on MS in NE
 6th semester (Spring)  PhD Candidate, MS graduate
542 Radioactive materials management 1
600 Research
Prepare 2nd journal paper
3rd summer PhD Candidate
600 Research Submit 2nd journal paper
7th semester (Fall) PhD Candidate
697 Special topics 1
 600 Research
8th semester (Spring) PhD Candidate
697 Special topics 1
Write dissertation
 Prepare 3rd journal paper
4th summer PhD Candidate Total classes Total MSE
600 Research (24 hrs total) Submit 3rd journal paper, write dissertation 17 7
Defend PhD dissertation; complete edits/changes