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Mitchell Laubach

PhD Candidate


Mitchell Laubach conducted research as a part of our “Research Program in Exploiting Time-Correlated Signatures and Directionality of Interrogation to Detect Shielded Highly-Enriched Uranium” program.  Specifically, he is investigating depth-of-interaction methods for implementation in neutron block detectors for improved performance in multi-modal imaging of Special Nuclear Material assemblies.  In particular, implementing a depth-of-interaction capability in neutron block detectors cuts down on the uncertainty of where the neutron interacted in the detector as it travels at ~5 cm/ns.  This work leverages investigations in medical imaging specific to gamma ray sensing.  Mitchell also worked part time on our investigation of “Cherenkov Glass Detectors for Detection of Penetrating Radiation via the Cherenkov Effect.”  Mitchell completed his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee.  Mitchell has also served as a teaching assistant for the undergraduate radiation instrumentation laboratory at the University of Tennessee.  He expects to complete his PhD in Fall 2016.

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