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Rad IDEAS group grads

  • Angie Lousteau, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Alicia Swift, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (Y12 National Security Complex)
  • John Sparger, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Sam Donnald, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (Agile Technologies)
  • Tim Jackson, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (Y12 National Security Complex)
  • Kirsten Pena, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (University of Tennessee and ORNL)
  • Tracey Wellington, Ph.D. Energy Science and Engineering (DOE NNSA, Department of State)
  • Joseph McCabe, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (ORTEC)
  • Joshua Cates, Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering (Stanford University School of Medicine, Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • James Bevins, B.S. Nuclear Engineering (U.S. Air Force Officer, NSF Graduate Fellow at UC Berkeley)
  • Blake Palles, B.S. Nuclear Engineering (Haslam program, subsequently received Ph.D. at UTK as NNIS Fellow)
  • Mark Walker, B.S. Nuclear Engineering (Haslam program, attending grad school at Princeton, IAEA Safeguards intern)
  • Matthew Cook, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (subsequently received Ph.D., works at University of Tennessee)
  • Nick Turpin, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (Y-12 National Security Complex)
  • Alexandra Hackett, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (Oak Ridge National Laboratory UAV lab)
  • Ben Dabbs, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (Junior Professional Officer, IAEA, Vienna; NNIS Graduate Fellow awardee)
  • Mitchell Laubach, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (Canberra Industries)
  • Amanda (Barnett) Blanchard, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (Canberra Industries)
  • Alex Okowita, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Clinton Hobbs, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (Duane Arnold Energy Center)
  • Timothy Margrave, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (Oak Ridge National Laboratory Technical Testing and Analysis Center)
  • Cole Lillard, M.S. Nuclear Engineering (DOE NNSA, formerly at Pantex)
  • Austin Soplata, B.S. Nuclear Engineering (attending grad school at Boston University)
  • Joshua Carrigan, B.S. Nuclear Engineering (U.S. Nuclear Naval Officer, completed M.S. at Old Dominion University)

Rad IDEAS postdoctoral and faculty associates

  • Prof. Xiaodong Zhang, Lanzhou University (2010-2016; postdoctoral researcher, research scientist, associate research professor at UTK)
  • Prof. Yushou Song, Harbin Engineering University (2014-2015; visiting faculty member at UTK)