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First author publication by Mairead Montague on “Radiation Hardness Characterization of LKH-5 Scintillating Glass”

Congratulations to Mairead Montague on her first peer-reviewed publication on “Radiation Hardness Characterization of LKH-5 Scintillating Glass” as 1st author, accepted for publication in Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research A! This comes with a First Step Award recognition in our department.
Co-authors of the paper include Cordell Delzer, Xianfei Wen, and Callie Goetz. Congrats to all!
More about the research: The material that Mairead helped to characterize shows equivalent radiation resistance to the gold standard in high energy x-ray radiography, cadmium tungstate (CdWO4), and very good potential as a low cost replacement of CdWO4 to help enable a more widespread deployment of x-ray scanning systems to secure ports of entry. This work represents the type of research we would like to continue doing at UT in the Accelerator Research Center to open next summer in our new engineering complex.