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Dual DLI gallery

trailerPhotoThis photo shows a back end view of the completed build of our dual DLI mobile standoff detector trailer inside of a high bay at ORNL. The proof-of-concept system was built inside of the original Large Area Imager trailer. The system includes a dual layered mask for modulation of fast neutrons and gammas (right) and a layered detector plane containing NaI detectors, organic scintillators, and mechanically cooled HPGe detectors (left).

photo (9)

A close up view inside the trailer-based proof-of-concept shows the back of the mask (right), comprised either of high density polyethylene or PSD plastic scintillator (EJ-299-34) and the detector plane (left) consisting of NaI detectors (left bottom), EJ-309 organic scintillators (left middle), and mechanically cooled HPGe (left top). John Sparger is in the shadows in the back of the photo.